Literary CREDITS



Still Time to Change (drama) | Feature

An impressionable teen takes a transformative voyage through the gritty 1970’s, guided by his future self... to the crossroads of self-destruction and self-liberation.

Five Thousand Years (thriller/horror) | Feature

A Mesopotamian mystic swears an oath to the Lord of the Underworld, surviving through the ages as the instrument of mankind’s demise, destine to bequeath his curse, and seal the fate of the present.

Beyond the Archway (sci-fi/fantasy) | Episodic Teleplay.

Four clairvoyant teenagers, drawn into multiple worlds of extraterrestrial beauty, must rescue an abducted race of humans from an invasion of malevolent underworld entities.

American Daydream (comedy) | Feature

A mystically induced case of celebrity amnesia exposes the life-altering challenges of superstardom, and reveals the true value of love.

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