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There are many souls, very far away . . . in grave danger.

They dwell in the triple star system known as EPHAIDRIA, its four living worlds inhabited by eight thriving civilizations.

Among them, an abducted race of humans face genocide.

Astral entities have invaded, infiltrating their victim's nightmares and consuming the dark energy created by their fear.

Ephaidria's only hope?

Four young Earthlings from the Milky Way, each in possession of a unique paranormal power.

Clairaudience - The ability to perceive other's thoughts.
Claircognizance - The capacity to sense an imminent moment.
Clairvoyance - The gift to glimpse the near and distant future.
And the most significant . . . the power of healing.

Following the onset of identical dreams, these extraordinary humans are drawn together by a series of serendipitous events.

With the help of earthly spirits, they are guided to a mystifying archway of light, summoning them to depart on an epic adventure.

-Praise for Jim Grieco and EPHAIDRIA-

4-Star SPR Review Badge

“From the very start, the novel is packed with mystery, rich descriptions and an unpredictable plot line that stretches the boundaries of readers’ imaginations. With this much action and originality, the novel will win the author many fans.”
-Self-Publishing Review

“EPHAIDRIA is a suspenseful, out-of-this-world adventure with breathtaking world-building and fun, lovable characters. There are several major science fiction and fantasy elements that play in, from ghosts to supernatural powers. This is a story with emotional depth.”
-Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Grieco invests his tale with an impressive amount of detail and imagination. His debut novel boasts the heft, complexity and scope of any notable epic fantasy work.”
-Blueink Review

“A strong and smartly constructed example of the space based good vs. evil theme. The concepts are presented well and colorfully shaded in. The memorable conclusion is a testament to Grieco’s nuance.”

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19 - 5' 11" - South African

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Now that Tahani Jakande's freshman year at the Massachusetts Conservatory of Astrophysics has come to an end, he's spending his summer break volunteering at the nearby NEO Cosmological Observatory.

Cambridge, Massachusetts is a far cry from Margate, South Africa, where his unprecedented perfect scores on his national senior certificate exams made him a local celebrity. Unfortunately for Tahani, his African heritage has shackled him to a somewhat isolated existence amongst the intellectual community he now calls home. Regardless of this frustrating fact, he can't shake the sensation that bigger things are just beyond the horizon.

18 - 5' 8" - French/Venezuelan

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Eighteen-year old Nicole Rauveur's musical aptitude is unparalleled. She's about to put that aptitude to the test, facing down her senior-year audition for the NYS Musical Youth Concert Series. If she makes the cut, she'll be considered the best high school violinist in New York.

Aside from her melodious mind, her physical presence is mesmerizing. Although her external beauty is undeniable, her enrapturing aura transcends the shallow surface of carnal attraction, leaving an indelible mark on all who happen to make her acquaintance. Little do they know the clairvoyant power lurking just beyond her captivating blue eyes.

16 - 5' 6" - American

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Josh Jaylee is an incredible gamer. An eternity of hours battling digital enemies has honed his hand-eye coordination to a flawless balance of speed and agility. At sixteen years old, he's captured first place at the Kansacon Gamer Fest for the third consecutive year. His supremacy at computer-generated combat has decimated his envious competitors, leaving them to ponder the means of his unchallenged dominance.

15 - 5' 0" - Japanese/American

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At the US National Gymnastics Championships, fifteen-year old Japanese-American gymnast, Suki Odayaka has achieved near perfection. If she aces her final event, she'll have the proud honor of becoming the United States All-Around National Champion.

Her unmatched athletic talent consistently dominates her awestruck opponents. Unknown to them, her paranormal aptitude far exceeds the physical limitations of the material world.

Character Illustrations by "PEARL"



Heirs of a highly sophisticated civilization, the last time the Namuhni people suffered the horrors of war, the emerging civilizations on Earth had yet to develop a written language. Having evolved the power of telepathy, the Namuhni communicate by means of projected thought waves. From a cultural standpoint, they value benevolence above all else. Their flourishing population has gone without conflict for more than seven-thousand years. Unfortunately for them, this enduring epoch of peace has reached its end. Dark entities known as the Drarbune have escaped from the imprisoning realm of Drar. Their parasitic invasion of the four living worlds has caused chaos throughout the Ephaidrian dominion. In pursuit of assistance, Namuhni leader Ma’at Rul has projected his mental energy across the vastness of space, delivering his plea to four clairvoyant humans on the distant planet Earth.


Subterranean cave dwellers, the Sectaciles pride themselves on their mastery of the mystical arts. Sharing Mylaya with the Namuhni has placed them in a enduring position of technological inferiority. This bitter reality has caused a rouge cult to emerge. Led by a powerful necromancer, the ambitious group has hatched a plan to steal the Starband of Ascension, an enchanted crown venerated in Starquence Chapel, the hallowed chamber of the great Namuhni Temple. The essence of its enigmatic power will enhance their sect's emerging political status.


The Rayling people have a storied past, stretching back over three-thousand years. Originally from Earth, they were abducted from their human communities by an advanced alien race. Their captors, the Azri of Enos, intended on returning them upon completion of their genetic studies. Regrettably, they were accidentally exposed to an earthly pathogen, carried unwittingly by their Homo sapien subjects. Unprepared to face the alien plague, the prolific bacterium swept through the Azri population, causing their ultimate extinction. As fate would have it, several of the human abductees were immune to the earthly infection. As the millennia marched ahead, the surviving humans went on to re-populated Enos, developing a thriving community, which blossomed into a prosperous civilization. 

That civilization has reached an impasse. 

An indigenous race of amphibians known as the Mariquin have attacked, possessed by an infestation of Drarbune entities. Frustrated by the Rayling’s fierce resistance, Saghaan Zang, the Drabune’s leader, has inspired a war of vengeance, intent on eliminating the entire Rayling race.


Comfortable on land or in water, the Mariquin race survived the ancient Azri plague due to their amphibious biology. Angered by the rise of the Raylings (outworlders considered unworthy to inherit the favors of Enos) the Mariquin’s volatile minds were easy prey for the Drarbune invasion force. Now under their complete possession, they are prosecuting a war of extermination against their ancient enemy. If Saghaan Zang achieves his goal, the possessed Mariquin army will gain sole control over Enos.


The Quel's hollow bone structure and sleek bodies are perfectly evolved for flight. Their coral-colored skin is masked by an ultra-fine layer of silky pink hair, relentlessly sensing their surrounding environment. Replacing their ears, they detect both sound and smell by means of a pleated crown of bright-blue flesh; its web-like texture held upright by four boney struts radiating from the top of their foreheads. Two wings darn their broad backs, sprouting from behind their pointed shoulders. To the Quel’s great dismay, losing their ability to fly has led to their brutal enslavement. Their Golgoran masters are under the influence of Saghaan Zange’s throng of Drar entities.


The Golgoran’s primitive minds fell to their paranormal intruders with little to no resistance. Up to this point, they and their Quel neighbors had always avoided outright war, making their homes in two completely different ecosystems. The Golograns sheltered in the underground cave system snaking beneath the surface of Eethros, while the lofty Quel nested in the Muiraqui trees of the expansive western forest. Although the Golgoran’s physical size and strength has proven to be a great asset, their Drarbune possessors are frustrated with their limiting Paleolithic technology.


Perpetually stealthy, the Sadrin’s unmatched reflexes have made these bi-pedal hunters the Alpha predator on Visbris. Their glistening beige fur is dappled by an elaborate pattern of dark-brown spots, characterizing their raptorial prowess. Wiry whiskers, protruding from their Lynx-like ears, meticulously probe the vibrating air. Possessing their keen minds has proven to be a difficult challenge for the invading Drarbune. A small contingency of rebel Sadrin have managed to maintain their individuality by virtue of their unyielding will. Joulin Gira, their spirited leader, has transformed the fledgling group into an army of freedom fighters, readying them for battle in the catacombs of Dymdonus. 


Wrapped in a layer of wrinkly grey skin, the Diablis are an intimidating species to behold. Their cheeks are inhabited by spiky black quills, bowing from beneath their monstrous eyes. Pointy teeth and sickled claws exhibit their predacious appearance. Spawned on the planet Visbris, a tortured world of fire and ice, they build their hives in the dark caverns at the edge of the plain of perpetual twilight, a vast ribbon of everlasting dawn, wedged between the always molten light-side and the forever frozen dark-side of their formidable world. A confederacy of daunting warrior tribes, the Diablis are masters of the dark arts, practiced in the ancient spells of forbidden black magic. For this reason, Saghaan Zang's dark essence has taken possession of their supreme leader, using his captured consciousness as his host mind.




PARENT STAR: Candidus - Type A - White MS
PLANETARY DIAMETER: 23,565 kilometers
MOONS: Anulla, Pythos, Eljian
ATMOSPHERE: 82% Nitrogen - 17% Oxygen
TOPOGRAPHY: 73% Oceanic - 27% Terrestrial
GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY: 16.7 million species
The Namuhni – Advanced Humanoid
Technology: Holographic/Telekinetic
Population: 14.8 Billion
The Secticiles – Advanced Arthropoda
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Bronze based
Population: 28.2 Billion



PARENT STAR: Esspius - Type G - Yellow Dwarf
PLANETARY DIAMETER: 12,817 kilometers
MOON: Cypra
ATMOSPHERE: 77% Nitrogen  22% Oxygen 
TOPOGRAPHY:  64% Oceanic 36% Terrestrial
GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY:  9.2 million species
The Raylings – Standard Humanoid 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Iron based
Population: 342 million
The Mariquin - Advanced Amphibian 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Iron based
Population: 637 million




PARENT STAR: Esspius – Type G - Yellow Dwarf
PLANETARY DIAMETER: 14,619 kilometers
MOON: Cypra
ATMOSPHERE: 66% Nitrogen  33% Oxygen 
TOPOGRAPHY:  82% Oceanic 18% Terrestrial
GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY:  11.4 million species
The Quel – Advanced Avian 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Bronze based
Population: 14.6 million
The Golgoran – Primordial Humanoid 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Stone based
Population: 9.2 million



PARENT STAR: Sainhue - Type M - Red Dwarf
PLANETARY DIAMETER: 5,927 kilometers
MOON: None
ATMOSPHERE: 77% N  14% O  6% CH4  2% S
TOPOGRAPHY:  54% Ice  14% Rock  32% Magma
GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY:  327,000 species
The Sadrin – Advanced Feline 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Iron based
Population: 17 million
The Diablis – Advanced Beelzanoid 
Technology: Pre-Industrial/Copper based
Population: 12 million


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